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Our Global Mission

To participate in the body of Christ in responsible evangelism of youth, presenting them with the person, work and teachings of Christ and discipling them into the Church.

About us

Serving the young people of the area and investing in their lives for almost half a century.

For almost half a century Aylesbury Vale Youth for Christ (AVYFC) has been committed to serving the young people of the area and investing in their lives, articulated through schools work, youth cafes, youth clubs, church events and detached work across town. Working with schools and churches, AVYFC is a first-rate events and programs organisation, developing new and exciting ways to engage with young people’s formation as they navigate their teenage years.
Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as leaders in a complex world.Working across the secondary schools of the Aylesbury area, AVYFC are constantly delivering programs of high academic value, interest to the young people, and engagement with the hearts and minds of students as they try to find their way. Teenagers are bombarded relent- lessly with messages 24/7 and must navigate a minefield of challenges unlike any generation before them. Facing crises of mental health, confu- sion, and questions in the real world and online, AVYFC recognise that the need for the highest quality engage- ment with ideas, worldviews and the questions the students face is great- er than ever. We are committed to facing these challenges head on.

Our Global Vision

We're about seeing young peoples lives changed by Jesus

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